Pipeline Replacement Casters


Locking & Non-Locking Casters are available.  Intended for Pipeline Collection.


Pipeline Replacement Casters

Its no secret, any caster can wear out over time.  So, if you’ve had those Pipeline Racks for quite some time and the rubber is wearing on your casters, fear no more!  We have Pipeline Replacement Casters available now.  Both, Non-Locking and Locking Casters for Pipeline Racks. The weight capacity for these 3″ diameter hard rubber casters is 100 lbs.  With a 3/8″ x 1″ long threaded stem, these are sure to fit in all Pipeline Fixtures and Systems.

Furthermore, Pipeline Collection is based on the traditional industrial grade clothing racks popularized in New York’s garment center, this stylized and refined version incorporates interconnecting plumbing pipes and various plumbing connectors.