Pipeline Additional Arms


Try merchandising these Pipeline Additional Arms with our Pipeline Wall Units.


Pipeline Additional Arms

Without further ado, we introduce Pipeline Additional Arms!  With these new Additional Arms, the array of merchandising capabilities are virtually endless!  Designed to connect to all 1-1/4″ diameter pipe pieces of our Pipeline Collection, the 16″ arm and 3″ single garment arms are incredibly versatile.  Keeping multiples of these around would prove to be beneficial for any Pipeline fan.  The 16″ arm option provides 13-1/2″ of hanging space when the 3″ option provides the opportunity to showcase singular pieces.  Finished in an anthracite gray or white finish and constructed of 1-1/4″ diameter plumbing pipe.  Lastly, check out our selection of Pipeline Wall Units.

Furthermore, the Pipeline collection is a uniquely designed fixture collection based on industrial grade racks popularized in New York’s garment center. This stylized and refined version incorporates interconnecting plumbing pipes and various plumbing connectors.