Old Paint Slatwall

Call for current production lead time.  All specialty slatwall orders include a Pallet Fee of $50.00.

Add provincial charm to your displays with easy-to-install specialty slatwall!

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Resurrect the charm of a long-ago era with this 3D specialty slatwall. Texturized to resemble the look of weathered wood and fading paint, this Old Paint Slatwall will breathe new life into your store by invoking the spirit of simpler times. The realistic details on this specialty slatwall will have passerby turning heads. This slatwall is both heavy duty and durable: it can hold up to 90 lbs and is Class C fire-resistant. It can withstand the weight of some of your heaviest items and will last for years. Additionally, you’ll receive aluminum inserts that have been painted to match that distinguishable old paint look. And don’t forget the slatwall accessories! This specialty slatwall can outfit any slatwall items you need, from utility hooks and faceouts to baskets and shelves. A great investment for any store, studio or showroom! Available in red, green or white.

Old Paint Slatwall Specifications

  • 2’ by 8’ horizontal configuration
  • 6” on center slats


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