Male Headless Mannequin – “Derek”

Male Headless Mannequin – “Derek” poses all come in a matte white finish. Each mannequin purchase will include a tempered glass base with calf rod.

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Did you know? One of the best ways to ensure your apparel is telling a story is with the use of mannequins! Choosing a Male Headless Mannequin Full Body from IDD’s “Derek” Collection is a good start to your apparel story-telling!  At last, a mannequin that is here at an extraordinary new price point!  Finished in a crisp matte white, each piece of the Male Mannequin Full body “Derek” is here to impress. Are you looking to merchandise and entire mannequin family? Be sure to check out our female and children mannequins! Check out all sorts of different ways to merchandise and style your mannequins on Pinterest.

Male Headless Mannequin Full Body Specifications:

Height: 65″
Chest: 36″
Waist: 29″
Hip: 36″
Collar: 15″
Clothes Size: 32

Are you in need of merchandising advice when it comes to using your male mannequin full body?  Never fear, reach out to us today!  Our experts are more than happy to assist.  You can call 1.800.821.5748 or email today!