Linen Single T-Bar Jewelry Display


The Linen Single T-Bar Jewelry Display is available in large and small.

Large stands 12″H x 12″L

Small stands 5″H x 7.5″L



Versatile is the best word to describe the Linen Single T-Bar Jewelry Display. These individual T-Bar displays come in both small and large sizes, giving you the ability to showcase bracelets, watches, and shorter necklaces whenever you may need to. Since they are free-standing displays, you can set your Single T-Bar Jewelry Display up anywhere you desire: on Pedestal Stands, on Melamine wood shelving (they look great with neutral or natural colors!), or grouped together with similar jewelry displays. The Linen T-Bar Jewelry Display is a great accent to other displays like the Bust Necklace Display or the Large Necklace Pad.    


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