Gray Linen Jewelry Easels


Add a touch of natural elegance to your jewelry display with these Gray Linen Jewelry Easels and Ramp.


Each of these Gray Linen Jewelry pieces come with a handy fold-able easel attached to the back so you can easily set up your jewelry easel anywhere in your store. Ideal for showing off all styles of necklaces! Prop your deluxe Gray Linen Jewelry Easel up on a counter-top, a set of Nesting Tables, or in a Display Case. They look fantastic on anything and will really allow your necklaces and earrings to shine. Also shown, is our Gray Linen Bracelet Ramp.  All three pieces allow the addition of post or hook earring styles to enhance the comradery of these Gray Linen Jewelry Easels.

Product specifications of Gray Linen Jewelry Easels:

Bracelet Ramp extends 8”, is 1 1/2” wide, and stands 2 1/8”H.

Scalloped Necklace/Earring Easel is 10 7/8″ tall at its tallest point, and is 8 5/8″ wide.

Tall Necklace/Earring Easel is 8 1/4”W at its thickest point and stands at a height of 12 1/2″.


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