Child Mannequin


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If you’re doing it right… A mannequin (or kid mannequin) should be one of your silent sales people! Merchandising in style by showing off a great outfit, complete with accessories, and you’ve given your customer an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. A child mannequin is great merchandised with their parents, or next to a plethora of different torso forms. A child mannequin is also great for simply giving some dimension to some of those children garments that look a little ‘blah’ on the hanger, but terrific on a body. Finally, showcase different styles in different poses to merchandise to maximum potential in your store today!

Furthermore, our unisex, white child mannequin options are a great merchandising tool for any store.  Made of high quality fiberglass construction, these mannequin children have a modern white, matte finish and come with weighted chrome base.  Easily dressed with removable arms, hands, and legs – these kids are sure to impress. Additionally, this cute kid mannequin is available in three different poses.

Child Mannequin/Kid Mannequin Specifications:

  • Available in Bent Leg, Hands on Hips, and Crossed Leg poses
  • Hands on Hips: 44″ Tall
  • Bent Leg: 49″ Tall
  • Crossed Leg: 52″ Tall
  • Matte White Finish
  • Chrome Weighted Base

Lastly, are you interested in our experts opinion on your mannequin use?  From adult to children mannequins, fixtures to daily supplies… Our experts with over 70 years experience are here to help!  Be sure to call 1.800.821.5748 or email today to schedule an appointment with a professional today!


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