Bauhaus 4-Way Clothing Rack with Straight Hangrails


Adjustable 4-way rack from the Bauhaus Collection.

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Clean lines in satin chrome give the Bauhaus 4-Way Clothing Rack a contemporary feel without being stark. Featuring four 16″ straight hangrails, this rack’s sturdy “H”-shaped base ensures a steady shopping experience! Want to make it interesting? Each individual hangrail can be adjusted between 46″ and 75″ tall! Keep the hangrails symmetrical or vary the heights for a dash of visual intrigue in your display. Bring attention to this unique display with exclusive IDD sale posters displayed on the Bauhaus folding easel for a complete look. Base measures 24″ x 24″. The Bauhaus Collection is a contemporary collection of store fixtures that evoke a sense of clean, sleek lines softened with round tubing arms. 


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