Acrylic Block



Sold in packs of 12. Holder is 1″ x 1.25″ This may be the most stylish acrylic business card holder in the world! A solid, clear acrylic block has a slight notch built in to not only hold your business card, but present it at a most attractive angle. Made of a solid block of high-quality acrylic for a modern feel, it’s perfect for displaying your card on a desk or on a counter, but it can do so much more. We’ve had clients use the Acrylic Block to display information next to artwork, jewelry, and cosmetics. Caterers have also used this to identify plates of food for their guests. It is also brilliant in a display case because it puts the information at a perfect viewing angle. Just make sure you print the information on a little thicker stock than regular printer paper so they stand up straight. Business card holders are a good promotion tool in any industry – whether you are in sales at a car dealership, work in insurance, or in real estate. Is it worth a little extra to stand out from a crowd and gain new customers? You bet it is and you can do it inexpensively with our block business card holder!  


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