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5 Ways You’re Missing Out on Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic Tips for Retail Stores

Every day, there are people walking by your building. No matter if you’re located on the street in a town, surrounded by other businesses or inside a shopping center, it’s likely that many people pass by without a second glance. They might not know what you sell or they might not even know you’re there. No matter what the reason, you could be missing out on valuable foot traffic by doing the following:

Not Using Interesting Signs

People are busy. If you don’t grab their attention in a clever way, you’ll be missing out on their business. Chalkboard signs, for example, give you the chance to express your creativity and pique the interest of passerby. Boards with an interesting shape with a fun design, such as an arrow chalkboard pointing to your door, will catch the eye of those about to walk by, calling them to come inside and see what you’re all about. And, if you want to change the design, it’s quick and easy!

Not Putting Out Poster Displays

Why settle for just one message when you can advertise multiple things at once? Use twice the messaging to emphasize sales or promotions with double poster displays. You can use one general sale sign on top and one sign that exclaims your sale with an image of the item on special on the bottom. Plus, the height of a double poster display is sure to grab anyone’s attention. These displays can also be used for seasonal sale posters.

Not Putting the Right “Open” Sign in the Window

With posters in your window, or other distractions outside, passersby might not see a flat, boring open sign. Stand out and grab their attention with a bright, LED open sign. No one will be able to miss it.

Not Rolling Out Rolling Racks

Draw in new customers by giving them a taste of the merchandise inside. Rolling racks allow you to easily set up a sale display inside and then bring them out during business hours. Those interested can browse the selection and wander inside to see more.

Not Displaying Two-Sided Sandwich Boards

Foot traffic flows more than one way. If you don’t have attention-grabbing messaging that addresses multiple directions of traffic, you could be missing out on half your customers. Catch the attention of people from multiple directions with a two-sided sandwich board. You can create your own unique designs or advertise daily specials. The personalized touch to this kind of sign will also help endear you to your customers.

Don’t let people continue to walk by without so much as a second look. Using interesting, attention-grabbing outdoor displays and signs to reel in foot traffic will help generate business and cultivate new customer relationships.

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