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5 Must-Have Slatwall Accessories for Your Store

Slatwall Accessories

Slatwall is an incredibly versatile retail fixture that has the ability to transform any wall into an eye-catching display. The other major benefit of a slatwall display is how you can organize and customize all of your inventory with just a few key slatwall accessories. If you’re thinking about installing a slatwall system of your own or if you currently own one and don’t know what to do with it, here are our essential slatwall accessories that you need for your display.

1. Hangrails for Clothing

Hangrails are a unique way to display clothing items without distracting your customer with clutter. The three sides of the hangrail allow you to maximize your space, display items without bunching hangers together, and allow your customers to see inventory from every angle. The Rectangular Hangrail in particular is a sleek hangrail that adds depth and dimension to any slatwall clothing display.

2. Waterfall Arms for Accessories

Where hangrails are wonderful for hangers and S-Hooks, Waterfall Arms are perfect for displaying items that hang on their own, like purses, scarves, and even jewelry. The descending waterfall effect keeps those hanging items from getting tangled and allows your customers to easily access whatever intrigues them.

3. Utility Hooks for Hanging Merchandise

Utility hooks add even more versatility to your slatwall display. They slide in and out of the slatwall panels so you can add and remove them as needed. They’re perfect for displaying single or multiple items to weave in and out of existing shelves and faceouts. If an items sells out, simply remove the hook and no one will be any the wiser. Have product you need to move but ran out of room on the shelves? Pop in a utility hook and you’ll be golden. They’re perfect for mixing and matching with other hooks to add in an element of intrigue to your display.

4. Bins & Baskets for Loose Items

Displaying loose items can be a challenge for a lot of store owners. It can be easy to go overboard buying a ton of new bins and baskets to contain all of your items. Things can get messy, cluttered, and downright hard for your customers to see pretty quickly. Slatwall bins are the solution to this common problem. The Acrylic Bin Tray, for example, comes in multiple sections so you can organize small or loose merchandise in one, easy-to-find place. Slatwall baskets are another helpful way to gather similar loose items together so you customer can access them at a place that’s eye level and off the floor.

5. Shelves for Everything!

Shelving may be obvious but their importance can’t be stressed enough! Integrating shelves like the Fabricated Acrylic Shelf or the Flat Wire Shelf with these accessories mentioned above adds variation and flexible display options for your store. Use them for folded t-shirts, home goods, and the like!

The beauty of slatwall is that you can customize it with slatwall accessories to look any way you want it to. From the wide variety slatwall panels to the multitude of hooks, faceouts, and shelves, you can create a slatwall display that wows your customers and gets your product out of the store quicker than you could ever imagine.

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