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5 Jewelry Displays All Boutique Owners Should Have

Linen Lay Down Bust Jewelry Displays

Owners of boutiques, jewelry stores and clothing stores know the difficulty of organizing and displaying jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Whether you are starting a new business or revamping an old one, here are five jewelry displays all boutique owners should have.

1. Bust Necklace Display

Linen Lay Down Bust Jewelry Displays

This display allows you to showcase the season’s hottest items while serving as the focal point of your display. From statement pieces to dainty chains, the Lay Down Bust Display expertly presents necklaces to your customers. The cushioned linen also serves as the perfect backdrop for a matching earring set.

2. Multi-T-Bar Jewelry Displays

Linen Multi-T-Bar Jewelry Displays

The Multi-T-Bar Jewelry Display brings height to your display table while creating interest. It allows you to display bracelets and necklaces together without cluttering your counter space. Prevent your store’s jewelry from being tangled, misplaced, difficult to access, or overlooked by customers. This product is available with double or triple bars to suit your needs.

3. Linen 5-Ring Display

Linen 5-Ring Jewelry Displays

Five rings can sit snugly and safely within the 5-Ring Display. It complements the rest of the linen jewelry display pieces perfectly while providing a secure place to keep rings that are available for sale. Never let another piece be overlooked in a boring glass display case again!

4. Mirrors

Countertop Mirror Jewelry Displays

Every jewelry counter needs a mirror to compete the display and shopping experience. Allow customers to try on jewelry and test out how it wears and fits. Have your customers fall in love with the way your products look and how they look in them with a countertop mirror or a hanging acrylic mirror. Whether you are wanting a minimalistic modern look or something with a little bit more detail and character, we have the perfect option for your store.

5. Jewelry Tags

White Adhesive Jewelry Tags

Dainty necklaces, delicate rings and petite earrings are difficulties when it comes to tagging and pricing jewelry. These white tags have convenient sticky ends that slip right over rings, bracelets, and necklaces and piece together without leaving any stickiness exposed.

Make your store the best it can be by upgrading your jewelry with the displays and products from InStore Design Display. Your jewelry will have never looked better than with jewelry displays designed to make your items shine!

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