Double Hangrail Frame with 8 Shelves


Easily display hanging and folded clothing items with this convenient all-in-one display fixture.  Hang rails are 36” wide.  Unit measures 54”H x 64”W x 24”D.


Have a lot of items to sell but not a lot of space? The Double Hangrail Frame is just the display fixture for you. This all-in-one display frame comes with eight 24″ shelves and two horizontal bars, making it perfect for displaying both folded and hanging clothing items. Use the shelves to show off folded t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, undergarments, and more. Meanwhile, you can display hanging items (don’t forget the hangers!) from the bars without taking up any additional space in your store. The Double Hangrail Frame will save you money, too: no need to buy an extra rack or merchandiser. You’ll love how easy it is to keep all your items in one, simple display!   The Designer 400 Series of combination merchandisers offers you the ability to cross-merchandise folded and hanging apparel.


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